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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Review: The Drawmachine Jan. 08

It started out as just another day in SL. Not much was going on. Fashion emergency wasn’t at its usual entertaining level of cattiness. Whimsy Winx, the one person I know who knows everybody and can give you the LM for anything from Aardvarks to Zebras in second life wasn’t on either. So now it was time to do some exploring. I thought I’d slip over to the Alliance and see what the girls where wearing. Now, these girls know their lingerie Darlings. Their livelihoods depend on looking provocative, desirable and just plain down right sexy. If your looking for apples, you don’t go to a place that sells cabbages right? Well I tarted myself up a bit. Semi sheer tight top ending above my belly, sexy black lacy thong with the top peeking above my waist band , Hot pink hip hugger tights that ended below the knees, pair of shiny retro silver disco platforms that would make Donna Summer envious and glittery makeup with body shimmer. Then, my best teased and blow-dried big, oh so SL, hair style in bleached blonde. Then I drenched myself in bling. The fashionistas would have gleefully and righteously tore me to shreds, pixel by pixel and had me for dinner. I looked the part. I was good to go. I rezzed on the landing and walked down the stairs. The first thing I saw, was the most fabulous, tightest and sexiest sprayed on pair of jeans in knock your socks off eye boggling detail. I had to ask. ”Wherever did you get those jeans Darling?” After a bit of coy hesitation this butterfly of the night told me. “The Drawmachine”. Darlings I was on my way! I rezzed on the main floor and there they were, I forgot all about jeans. Nearby was the most beautiful, detailed and perfectly fitted playsuit/lingerie I have seen in a while! Well I bought the jeans and then I rang up the creator. His name is Armin Wiefel a new German designer, 3D game developer and graphic artist and he is very good! The store is easy to shop in. The vendors are large and catch the eye and full of wonderful examples of his work. Armin is always designing and new products hit the shelf every 2 weeks. I got a sample of the playsuit/lingerie and he also fronted me a little sexy, understated black PVC number with detachable fur trim! The playsuit flaunts an American flag stars and stripes motif. It is sequined and it fits divinely in all the right places and some of the “wrong” ones to. It has sparkly attachments that twinkle and wink like your on stage at the Miss World Pageant and all the spot lights are on you. It’s a must have item Darlings, sure to raise the flag up anyone’s pole in the boudoir or on stage. Now perhaps, just maybe, we can talk him into making one in a Union Jack motif or even Canadian Maple Leaf!

Review by:Helke Duettmann
Lingerie: Sparkling sequined Bikini 196L (this is a bargain)
Lingerie: PVC Bikini 169L (another fabulous bargain)
Where: "the Drawmachine" - Mainstore (16, 9, 22)

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