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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Avertisers for May are:

Stiletto Moody/O Wedge and the Foxy Wedge/Designed By: Stiletto Moody.

When you have the yearning and there is only one thing that will satiate desire. When your sleep is troubled and a vague indefinable...something....is "there”. When restless nights and wandering dreams haunt your thoughts, what does it take to satisfy your lust. When only the very best will do, where do you go and who do you see. Is it luscious mounds of Ben and Jerry’s covered in almond sprinkles and whipped cream. Fresh strawberries and a flute of vintage Mumms? Perhaps it is speeding above the Pacific Coast on Highway 101 with the top down in a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. Could it be illicit, uninhibited sex? If you are like me, and I suspect you are, your diamond hard little fashionista heart wants it all and more. Most of all, you demand, you insist, on fabulous style and footwear.

Fabulous is what you get at Stiletto Moody. The bench mark, the crème de la crème of Second life ladies footwear. Stiletto Moody is the product of choice for the discriminating connoisseur who demands unsurpassed quality and fast forward style in contemporary ladies footwear that is all about the razor edge of here and now with a dash of fetish that will make your heart bleed.

"I am inspired by of–the-moment real world styles from the NY, London, Paris and Milan catwalks, adding a dose of imagination, and a splash of fetish to give you Haute(y) to naughty and the hottest heels to dance in, walk in, work in, or play in!" ....Stiletto Moody.

The newly released O Wedge and Foxy Wedge make a statement about you and your choices. Bold brash, radiating style and attitude with smoldering dark hints of prurient sexuality, O Wedge and Foxy deliver, the rest is up to you. Our samples here at Helke’s Reviews and Interviews are: O Wedge in silver with buckled straps, O Wedge in black, tied at the ankle and the Foxy Wedge slip on, in astonishing pink. When only the superlative will suffice, get down to Stiletto Moody and gratify your lust darling.
Reviewed by: Helke Duettmann
Product: High End Ladies Footwear/O Wedge/Foxy Wedge.
Designer: Stiletto Moody
Outlet: Stiletto Moody
Retail: “O” Wedge L$ 925/Foxy Wedge L$ 795 (You get what you pay for Darling)
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deauville/38/45/23
Photo’s by: Helke
Modeled by: Nash Fraenkel and Helke

Special Credit: Collin Savion (photographer)
Winning Photo: “Restroom Redemption”
Submitted to “Picture your Moods”
Judges: Stiletto Moody, Honey Fairweather, Celebrity Trollop and Gabriel Sebastien Merovingi
Cash Award: L$ 75,000 and prizes.
Sponsored By: Stiletto Moody Shoes, Alienbear, 3B, Second Style, Serene Sensations, Baiastico and Photo Life. Event Photographers: Tillie Ariantho and Hibiscus Flossberg. Event photos available at:http://flickr.com/photos/tillie/sets/72157604877233335/show/ Special thanks to: Dancer Dallagio at Stiletto Moody Shoes for her invaluable advise, time and assistance

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Catwalk Collection/New release/Polka/Designer: Sachi Vixen.

First impressions are everything, isn’t that what your mother told you? “always wear clean underwear darling, you just never know”. Then you go to school and they tell you “first impressions shouldn’t count, its the person inside”. Then you go to work, you are right back to “mom” and first impressions count for everything, as if! Did I got it all wrong, or not. When I first met Sachi Vixen, it was at the NCL,(what, you don’t know the NCL?) and I was like, who is this hilarious, charming and wild chickie? First impression? Fun-n-crazy par-tay girl. Then, one day I walked into Adam and Eve. There was my fun-n-crazy party girl and she was one hundred percent business and good at it, in fact, she was very good at it. There where skins, fabulous clothing, shoes, hair styles and accessories displayed in dizzying profusion. And the shoppers, omgawd, the place was SRO. I wandered from display to display trying on beautiful skins and was soon hopelessly zoned into shop-a-holic induced nirvana. News Flash, Sachi Vixen is a
business woman, designer and marketer par-excellence. Then in a feverish, frantic burst of creativity and a superbly targeted promo campaign, she launched the “Catwalk Collection” at Genesis Drive Boutique, a designer label for Adam and Eve, which would be right at home on Rodeo Drive, think Badgley Mischka, Jimmy Choo, Dolce and Gabbana. I schemed and plotted my way on to the opening event guest list, which was most definitely an SLebrity star studded fashionista, designer and media “A” list event. Sachi was gifting “for retail only” samples of her designs and the promo was a color variation on one of the Catwalk Collection’s fabulous featured retail products, which I shall review here. The design, called “Polka”, is an utterly fabulous and cutieful fun polka dot dress with skirt options in seven vibrant colors, eight if you count the promo. It is sold in singles and a “Brat Pack” that includes all seven groovy, giddy color variations with polka dots splashed over it in wild, effortless abandon and its totally irresistible. The “Polka” is this seasons can not live without, got to have dress. Chic, smart and wildly fun. I will brazenly and shamelessly admit to having three. I love this piece, it is marvelously fresh and flirty. The polka dots are so right for almost any occasion other then formal and with a little creativity could even work for that. Once again my retro streak was piqued, how about a pill box hat, chunky mary janes , tasteful fingerless lace gloves to the wrists a’la Madonna with stockings to match and forties styled hair. I would love to explore that look. As of this writing, Sachi has introduced even more fabulous creations into the Catwalk Collection and I for one hope she never stops. This label is fabulously on time and right on target. Anyone can be fashionably complicated, it takes genius to be simply fun. Thank you Sachi Vixen for the Catwalk Collection and bringing fun into the all to serious and competitive arena of this seasons spring fashion releases.

Product: New release, “Polka”
Review: Helke Duettmann
Designer: Sachi Vixen
Outlet: Genesis Drive Boutique/Adam and Eve.
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Genesis/150/164/43
Price: 300L/1200L Brat Pack. (wonderful buy)
Photos: Helke
Modeled by: Tina1618 Zerbino and Helke

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Avertisers for April.

Lilleth Mills Couture/Helene/Designed by: Lilleth Mills

Sometimes, things come to gather, not often, but some times. You are having a great day, dinner did not scorch, sex in the city reruns are on, perhaps even hubs is feeling a bit frisky.
Lilleth Mills at Lilleth Mills Couture must have had a day like that when she created Helene. It all came together, all at once, all at the same time in the same place. Helene is a formal ballroom gown and coincidently LMC is home to a beautiful formal ballroom.
Besides obvious attention to detail and brilliance in design we have come to expect from the German designers, the interesting thing about this piece is versatility, its multi use functionality. Helene is cleverly constructed of 19 pieces and can be worn as lingerie, a skirt or as a gown, all with options inside of options like Rubik’s cube. I am not exaggerating when I say Miss Mills has thought of everything, a babydoll with a sweet-n-sexy pearl string thong, stay up stockings, gorgeous teddy, floaty skirt and lastly an extraordinary ballroom gown. The color and texture are simply astonishing. The sheer translucent fragility reminds me of a finely washed water color.

Versatility is one of the key notes of Miss Mills designing technique and we find it here in profusion. The piece retails singly and as a pack in four lovely translucent water colors all deliciously and delicately subtle. When I fitted the skirt, I felt like a trespasser, how dare I touch such perfection of form and function with my soiled mortal fingers! Working with the texture was a joy and I marveled at what Miss Mills had done. There is nothing like getting up close and personal with a premium designers work to give you a sense of appreciation for the art that they do and the dedication that goes into it. Lilleth Mills at Lilleth Mills Couture has produced a work of art that is sure to become a classic and a favorite everywhere.
The shopping experience at Lilleth Mills Couture is more then “shopping”. Miss Mill has recently remodeled her store completely. The same interesting elements are still there. There is the ballroom same as before and this is the most interesting part, Lilleth Mills Couture is home to the embassies of several Caribbean nations. You have to see this to understand. There is a secret dance club somewhere on the premises, I managed to find it but don’t ask me how I got there. The store displays Miss Mills romantic evening gowns in the delicate, subtle style that Lilleth Mills Couture is known for with new releases appearing frequently. You will find silks here designed with the same attention to line and form. Lilleth Mills Couture, truly one of Second life’s more fascinating destinations and a must see shopping experience.

Reviewed by: Helke Duettmann
Product: Formal Ball Room Gown
Designer: Lilleth Mills
Outlet: Lilleth Mills Couture (LMC)
Retail: 1299L/singles, 2999L/Pack ( very good buy)
Location: 4 Unlimited 2 (231, 98, 22)
Photo’s by: Helke
Modeled by: Glory Gausman

Interview with Seraphena Beck. April Model of the Month.

I met Seraphena when we both where in the cast for a Second Life film. I was immediately impressed with her cooperative, serious approach to the film and to her exotic dusky looks. I made a point of getting to know her better and eventually asked her to model designer clothing for Helke’s Reviews and Interviews. Join me and listen in to Seraphena as she discusses the film, acting, fashion, modeling and all things Second Life.

Helke: I am thrilled to have the honor of meeting you today!
Sera: Thank you for the opportunity Helke
Helke: What have you been up to lately Sera, any projects?
Sera: Not at the moment, no.
Helke: I think you are being modest. I had heard you where doing a film.
Sera: The film project was called "The Plan" and the director was Caleigh Rayna, I really liked the movie making idea. That is definitely a possibility in the future. However, due to casting difficulties, it was cancelled. More and more of the cast were unable to attend the meetings and rehearsals, so rather than continuing to sink money into the project, the backer decided to pull the funding. It was an interesting experience to say the least. The concept of actually making a movie was exciting. I did wonder how it would work, with Second Life being what it is. We all had log and crash issues, so it was a slow start, that more than anything eventually frustrated everyone. Helke: I can certainly see that as an issue. Is there a significant other in your Second Life at the moment?
Sera: There is no one at the moment. I have been shopping, clubbing and hanging out with friends. I spend most of my time trying to break into acting and modeling.
Helke: Tell me about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in Second Life? Sera: I love to have fun. That is why I am here. I like to be with my friends as often as I can, we all have a great time, no matter what we do. I enjoy going to clubs, dancing, and of course, there is shopping.
Helke: Any favorite stores?
Sera: Last call was one of my favorites. Sadly, it is gone now.
Helke: Favorite clubs?
Sera: Obsidian Desires, owned by Arwyn Lykin and Brin Runo. The owners are Australian, so they play some stuff I have never even heard of. It is a mix of everything.
Helke: Where do you see yourself long term in Second Life?
Sera: I would like to get more involved in modeling and film. Whatever I do, my goal is to have fun at it. I feel Second Life should be a place for fun, not something you have to worry and stress about and deal with all sorts of drama. There is enough of that in real life.
Helke: Short-term goals?
Sera: Short term, I am trying to earn enough to pay rent.
Helke: What do you see as your greatest strengths?
Sera: I would have to say that, on a professional level, my greatest strength is my dedication. I like to see a project through to the end.
Helke: What motivates you?
Sera: I enjoy new experiences. There is so much to do in SL, and I want to try as much of it as I can, from dancing and modeling, to building.
Helke: If you could change something about your second life, what would it be?
Sera: I am happy with my second life. One could always use more lindens though, lots of shopping to do.
Helke: What do you think it takes to be successful as a model and actress?
Sera: Flexibility and patience. Patience and persistence are of utmost importance.
Helke: Tell me about the best modeling job you ever had.
Sera: That would be the very first one, before I had even decided to become a model. A friend asked if I would mind doing a runway show. I showed up, got all these clothes and walked down the runway, did my turns and it was great!
Helke: And the worst? Sera: It was an in store modeling job, it was not bad really, just a little boring.
Helke: How well do you work under pressure?
Sera: I prefer to be under pressure. There is no chance to procrastinate, it has to be done. I tend to be the type of person who wants to get things done.
Helke: How would a former colleague or co-worker describe you?
Sera: They would describe me as helpful, trustworthy and friendly.
Helke: Do you prefer working with others or by yourself?
Sera: I have no problem doing either. I work with others just fine. Sometimes I like to do things myself and get it done.
Helke: Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
Sera: Depends on the situation. I can follow, but I have no problem stepping into a leadership role either if it is necessary.
Helke: What do you see in the stores that you think is fabulous?
Sera: I have been leaning more towards pants, things that are subtly sexy. I really like Gothicatz and UK couture
Helke: Who does your hair, skin and eyes?
Sera: Bewitched, Naughty and Wild Lilies.
Helke: How many looks can you put together, redhead, blonde, brunette, any ethnic looks?
Sera: I can do all of the above and Asian, Arabian, and Goth.
Helke: Which magazines do you read?
Sera: When I get a chance, I read Cosmo and Glamour.
Helke: What Second Life Magazines do you read?
Sera: I think Homme is the only one I have read here.
Helke: If you had a choice of all designers, modeling agencies or magazines in Second Life, who would you prefer to work with.
Sera: I do not really have one in particular in mind. I want to work with someone who has the same ideals and goals as me, someone who knows how to work and get things done, but have a good time doing it.
Helke: Any dream projects you would like to accomplish in Second Life?
Sera: I would love to build a house.
Helke: In closing, what would you like people to know about you?

Sera: That I am very approachable. I play well with others and am easy to get along with. I am always up for a new experience or opportunity.
Helke: Anything you would like to say to our readers?
Sera: I would like to thank you Helke, for the chance to work with you and for this amazing experience.
Helke: This is the end of our formal interview, I want to thank you for taking the time to meet and share with Helke’s Reviews and Interviews. You are lovely as well as a pleasure to work with.
Sera: I am happy to be here.
Helke: Ciao darling, best of luck for the future.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

MB-Design/ Ladies Lace and Exotica/Designed by: Moanasyrene Boucher.

Good things come in three’s they say and I totally agree. It has been my lucky month. One of the Fabulous “three’s” I found was MB-Designs and designer Moanasyrene Boucher. Of course, for all of us in the northern hemisphere its spring and beautiful new spring collections are blooming up all over the fashion scene in Second Life. Some not so good, some “good” and a few are fabulous. Here we only deal in the “fabulous” as in “Ladies Lace”in soft pale lemon and “Exotica” in sugar candy pink and vanilla from MB-Designs by Moanasyrene Boucher. The obvious thing we first notice with these stunning pieces is the full, frothy, semi transparent sugar candy like layered looking skirt. Then the delightfully lacey bodice catches the eye. The fit and cut are super figure flattering from the form-fitting waist to the soft snug curve of the hips and the way the skirts flounce and swirl around the legs make promises of the beauty so delicately hidden beneath.

Once again, we see a hint of retro here, perhaps it is the layered looking skirt, like there is a full petticoat underneath, the slightly above the knees length or the sculpted lace bodice. The intriguing thing about Ladies Lace and Exotica is the more that is hidden, then in a swish and swirl of skirts, revealed, is irresistibly teasing and tempting at the same time.
This is erotic overload in an innocent, fresh and wholesome way. On second thought, perhaps "Prom Queen” would be a better description. After all, it is prom season darling, take yourself back to graduation night, those feverish kisses and warm touches shared in the back seat in the misty glow of streetlights. The silence of the velvet night and sparkling stars. My prom was like that, or should have been, and so should yours. Ladies Lace and Exotica take me there. Truly a fabulous design from Moanasyrene Boucher at MB-Designs.

The shopping experience at MB Designs is totally enjoyable, product is in semi-circular alcoves around a central rotunda clearly marked and easy to see. There is a marble statue of the “Three Graces” in a fountain in the center of the rotunda. As an in-store promotion, Moana had 5L day and the spring collection went on sale for a few hours. The store was standing room only. If you are a member of Fashion Consolidated, you did not miss it. The notice went right to group chat. Be sure to work the central rotunda either from the left or right to avoid being caught up in visual overload due to the plethora of lace, flouncy, swishy fabrics and textures. Do not forget to check out Moanasyrenes “Love Skins”, (yes, she designs skins to), they are fabulously fresh and clean looking like you just stepped out of a relaxing shower and moisturized, all over. Fabulous design Moana, I cannot wait for your summer collection. Did I mention good things come in threes? That will be our next post darlings. Ciao for now kiss,kiss!

Product: Dresses, New spring collection, Ladies Lace and Exotica.
Review/photos: Helke Duettmann
Designer: Moanasyrene Boucher
Outlet: MB-Designs
Location: Delhi (41, 209, 24)
Price: 399L each. (a good buy)
Modeled by: Christina1618 Zerbino and Helke.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Analog Dog/ The “Helke”/Designed By: Queue Marlowe

Its not every day that I get a hairstyle named after me. In fact, I have never had a hairstyle named after me until two weeks ago. Needless to say, I was humbled and honored that the Contessa of Curls, The Queen Bee herself, Queue Marlowe at Analog Dog, had gone and done just that. We had been chatting idly about hair styling and the “Big SL Hair” that had been all the rage several months ago. I bemoaned my numerous and fruitless attempts, so far, to find the perfect vintage beehive of all my dampish, retro dreams. I was even considering (oh horrors!) Cindy Wilsons version. The discussion invariably turned to shorter cuts and the new updo’s. Queue asked me what I liked in an updo. “Pulled back in a nice tight bun similar to a classical ballerina style.” I said. “Mmm,” said Queue,” kind of like a pony folded and tucked in”. “Yes”. I replied rather absently, deep in reflective Zen like thoughts of the perfect beehive. And thus, darlings, was history made. In precisely four days, the "Helke” was on the shelf simply exuding sophistication, elegance and glamour. In all modesty, and I blush to say so, much like its namesake.Queue had sent me samples in dark and blonde. I feverishly put "brown sugar" on. I will not go into sordid detail about the elicit warm tingling shivers of delight that coursed through my moist body. Or the waves of liquid pleasure that surged rhythmically through my diamond hard little soul in addition to the breathless, panting finale I experienced when I had adjusted the piece to a final and perfect fit. I immediately returned to Analog Dog and elbowed my way into the crowd of admiring and worshipful fans surrounding Queue Marlowe as she floated above them, serenely suspended in a sphere of water. The Queen of flexies had done it again, another immortal hairstyle, the “Helke”, by Queue Marlowe, owner and designer at Analog Dog.

The shopping experience at Analog Dog never fails to surprise me. The store seemingly floats on the surface of the ocean .You walk on water here. The walls are tall fronds of seaweed on which the vendor boards are positioned. Usually, you will find Queue (she’s a mermaid) floating placidly in a sphere of water above the heads of her admiring fans near the main entry. Hair styles are easy to identify and the guys have their cuts off to your left. Flexi, non-flexi and sale items are plainly marked and easy to find. It is possible to walk out of here looking absolutely fabulous in Analog Dog hair designed by Queue Marlowe for a bargain price if you are a careful shopper. If you have not been to Analog Dog, its time you went, if not for the fabulous hair, at least for the experience. If you have, then check out the new releases that are hitting the shelf almost weekly. See you at Analog Dog darling… oh, and don’t forget. Stay fabulous and don’t eat… Ciao!

Review: Helke Duettmann
Designer: Queue Marlowe
Product: Hair, the “Helke”
Outlet: Analog Dog
Priced: 350L
SLUR: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Triggerfish/17/29/21LM:
Fotos by: Helke
Model: Helke

Interview with Regan Becloud, the Artists Lounge and Café

Regan Becloud is one of the most passionate, fascinating and serious people I have met in Second Life. She is dedicated to the performing arts and almost any creative processes imaginable. This is truly a labor of love for her. The Artists Lounge is a vehicle to fulfill her appreciation of the arts, to share this appreciation and to facilitate inspiring and creative people in Second life. I am totally in awe of her dedication and the cultural awareness she brings to all who encounter her. Listen in to Regan as she discusses the philosophy behind her café, her love of creating and patronage of the performing arts.

Helke: Tell me Regan. What have you been up to, any projects at the moment?
Regan: The biggest project I have had recently was the opening of my cafe, The Artist’s Lounge.
Helke: Fabulous opening. I was there of course.
Regan: We had a full house, the entire eleven hours of the opening event. We had eleven hours of music. Some of the performers here on Saturday were Kelvinblue Oh, Jaggpro McCann, and Vaughan Michalak to name a few. The last artist left the stage at 1:00 AM. There was not a bad performance all night. We certainly plan to bring back the many wonderful artists that performed on Saturday.
Helke: Events planned for the future?
Regan: We are currently working on booking more live bands. I am going to be hosting a writers group, based out of The Artists Lounge on Sundays. I plan on hosting events for artists all over the globe, music of every kind, from every country. I think the writers group will be very interesting.
Helke: Tell me a little about yourself.
Regan: I have been in Second life for a little over a year now, and am having a wonderful expierance. As you know, I own The Artists Lounge, along with Tanglewood City Skymall, and the Castaways Resort. My two partners and I intend to bring wonderful things to Second Life, and to have fun while doing it. I also have a small store on the fifth floor of the Skymall where I display my furniture creations
Helke: What abilities do you bring to this project?
Regan: Creatively speaking, I love to build, on a more personal level, I am a fiercely loyal friend, and I am not afraid to give the unknown a shot.
Helke: Where do you see yourself five months from now?
Regan: I see myself in five months busy running the most amazing cafe in Second Life. I also see myself surrounded by wonderfully creative individuals, fabulous live music, and talented individuals.
Helke: What are some of your short-term goals?
Regan: My immediate goals are to get the cafe off to a wonderful start and to find amazing live acts.
Helke: What are some of your long-term goals?
Regan: Long term, I want this endeavor to be hugely successful. I want to create a haven for all things arts related, music, comedy, writing and exhibits. In addition, I am trying to help the lesser known but hugely talented Japanese creators find a niche in the global Second Life market
Helke: You are passionate about this, what motivates you?
Regan: Creative individuals have always motivated me and I enjoy helping people. I have a deep appreciation for all things artistic. I am most comfortable in the company of interesting, talented individuals. More importantly, I wanted a place where the creative can gather, and express himself or herself, enjoy good music, relax and have fun.
Helke: If you could change something about your second life, what would it be?
Regan: I am very happy with my Second Life. Unlimited Lindens would be good...but that does not really matter to me. There is not much that I would change. I have amazing friends, and amazing ventures. I am very happy.
Helke: What do you think it takes to be successful at this?
Regan: Desire to go for what you want, to put yourself out there, and take a risk, even if it means you may fail.
Helke: How would a former colleague or co-worker describe you?
Regan: A dreamer. I have never been one to want to be behind a desk, if I am helping people, wonderful, if it is something artistic, fantastic, I am happy.
Helke: Do you prefer working with others or by yourself?
Regan: I definitely prefer to work with others. I love to have people around me. I am a very social person.
Helke: Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
Regan: I think it depends on the situation. If it is something I am unsure of, I am happy to leave the leading to someone who is more qualified. If it is something I am sure of, I want to lead. For instance, when we where building the Cafe, I made sure I was the one in charge because this is mine, my concept, my design, my desire.
Helke: What do you see in the stores that you think is really fabulous?
Regan: Everything here is wonderful, we hand select our stores. La Maille is fantastic. Mayuko Nishi is the designer. She has some incredible dresses and jewelry. Shu’s Guitar’s on the second floor are very well done as well as works of art.
Helke: Any particular places in Second Life you like to shop?
Regan: I love Simone’s designs at Style Starts Here. I have a ton of her dresses. Last Call was a favorite of mine I will miss it. Rebel Hope Designs also has some incredible dresses. There are so many wonderful designers here.
Helke: Which magazines do you read?
Regan: I do not have the time to read magazines. I am always running in a million directions. I find I have to start prioritizing things, or nothing at all gets accomplished.
Helke: Tell me some of the challenges you faced when building.
Regan: Bricks were a challenge, the color and texture and it is challenging to plan a large event like the one we had on Saturday.
Helke: Where do you find your inspiration?
Regan: This is what I want to do in real life and it is an incredibly fun thing to be doing in Second Life.
Helke: Any advise for anyone interested in a similar project?
Regan : I would say to anyone interested in trying something similar to this, that they should know what they want it to be, and build from there. To have it envisioned, as a finished project, and to know what kind of audience is targeted. The rest will fall into place. Do not be afraid to give it a go, trying is better then never trying at all.
Helke: On a different note, what was the most interesting comment you have heard regarding this project?
Regan: That someone thought The Artists Lounge would be a seedy bar. I do not even serve alcohol. I guess they think, “Lounge” and think hole in the wall bar. To me, a lounge is a comfortable place to relax.
Helke: Any dream projects you would like to accomplish in Second Life?
Regan: I am doing it already. To make The Artists Lounge successful and well known would be the fulfillment of my dream project. If I can make my cafe be everything I have in my heart and soul, I will be thrilled.
Helke: In closing, what would you like people to know about you?
Regan: That I am a friendly person. If you want to talk, do not hesitate to come right up to me. I adore meeting new people. If you are looking for a place to perform, or to spend time, come and visit, I am here often. I would love to chat or even just say hello.
Helke: This is the end of our formal interview. I want to thank you for taking the time to meet and share with our readers.
Regan: thank you Helke, more importantly, thank you so much for your interest in The Artist’s Lounge. It truly means a lot to me.
Helke: Ciao darling, all success to you and your dream come true.

Interview: The Artists Lounge and Café
With: Regan Becloud
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tanglewood%20City/97/154/303
As told to: Helke Duettmann

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

B390/Gold Leather Corset/Designer: KiN Raymaker.

I first met KiN Raymaker when she released her newest creation from B390 called Gold Leather Corset over Fashion Consolidated. KiN had this huge working class Brit accent, which intrigued me even more. I just had to see this. I adore making a “find” and every now and then, a diamond shows up in the coal. I was not disappointed, KiN happened to be on the premises when I arrived. We talked about her product and after a brief chat she informed me that she had originally designed the Gold Leather Corset in black leather and it was so successful that her fans where clamoring for more color variations. KiN obliged and crafted the basic design in a total of five startling colors: blue, red, black, purple and gold in iridescent, antiqued leather. There is nothing pretentious or shy about this product, it is exactly what it looks like, straight up B&D gear. No matter if you are a hard core goth party gurl, leather clad spike heeled dominatrix, sulky lil’ subby, or simply want to turn up the heat in the boudoir this will do the trick, guaranteed.

The piece is made up of four components, a removable bra that allows the breasts to be exposed, tight front laced grommeted corset, basic high cut thong and stay up stockings with lace tops. Additionally, KiN thoughtfully included back and upper arm tribal tattoos, a nice finish to an exciting design. What really caught my attention was the antiqued, somewhat, iridescent color and texture that gives an interesting, almost metallic appearance to the piece. So, lace yourself up in the corset, twist into the bra and slide into the panties. Then pencil in your eyebrows fine and dark, pull your hair back in a tight single braid, add a liberal application of blood red lip stick and liner, slip into a pair of metal tipped stilettos and start popping your quirt in the palm of your hand. You are in charge darling, or ELSE.

The shopping experience at B390 is, ah, interesting. Yes, it is a touch grunged and true, there are suspicious dark stains on the gritty, worn and cracked concrete and rusted steel floor. Some of the grimier windowpanes are broke out but there is a large, slowly turning, industrial fan built into the back wall on the ground floor to freshen up the air and the tp pad gets you to the next floor in surprisingly good order. Look close and you will see all kinds of interesting little accessories here and there. B390 demands that you stop, look and pay attention. Furthermore, KiN is in the process of upgrading her product line and we can expect even better things to come. Fabulous work KiN, yes ma’am!

Product: Lingerie, Gold Leather corset
Review: Helke Duettmann
Designer: KiN Raymaker
Priced: 175L (very good buy)
SLUR: B390 - Main Lab, Coders Cove (244, 199, 23)
Fotos by: Helke
Model: Seraphena Beck