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Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

B390/Gold Leather Corset/Designer: KiN Raymaker.

I first met KiN Raymaker when she released her newest creation from B390 called Gold Leather Corset over Fashion Consolidated. KiN had this huge working class Brit accent, which intrigued me even more. I just had to see this. I adore making a “find” and every now and then, a diamond shows up in the coal. I was not disappointed, KiN happened to be on the premises when I arrived. We talked about her product and after a brief chat she informed me that she had originally designed the Gold Leather Corset in black leather and it was so successful that her fans where clamoring for more color variations. KiN obliged and crafted the basic design in a total of five startling colors: blue, red, black, purple and gold in iridescent, antiqued leather. There is nothing pretentious or shy about this product, it is exactly what it looks like, straight up B&D gear. No matter if you are a hard core goth party gurl, leather clad spike heeled dominatrix, sulky lil’ subby, or simply want to turn up the heat in the boudoir this will do the trick, guaranteed.

The piece is made up of four components, a removable bra that allows the breasts to be exposed, tight front laced grommeted corset, basic high cut thong and stay up stockings with lace tops. Additionally, KiN thoughtfully included back and upper arm tribal tattoos, a nice finish to an exciting design. What really caught my attention was the antiqued, somewhat, iridescent color and texture that gives an interesting, almost metallic appearance to the piece. So, lace yourself up in the corset, twist into the bra and slide into the panties. Then pencil in your eyebrows fine and dark, pull your hair back in a tight single braid, add a liberal application of blood red lip stick and liner, slip into a pair of metal tipped stilettos and start popping your quirt in the palm of your hand. You are in charge darling, or ELSE.

The shopping experience at B390 is, ah, interesting. Yes, it is a touch grunged and true, there are suspicious dark stains on the gritty, worn and cracked concrete and rusted steel floor. Some of the grimier windowpanes are broke out but there is a large, slowly turning, industrial fan built into the back wall on the ground floor to freshen up the air and the tp pad gets you to the next floor in surprisingly good order. Look close and you will see all kinds of interesting little accessories here and there. B390 demands that you stop, look and pay attention. Furthermore, KiN is in the process of upgrading her product line and we can expect even better things to come. Fabulous work KiN, yes ma’am!

Product: Lingerie, Gold Leather corset
Review: Helke Duettmann
Designer: KiN Raymaker
Priced: 175L (very good buy)
SLUR: B390 - Main Lab, Coders Cove (244, 199, 23)
Fotos by: Helke
Model: Seraphena Beck


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