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Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Catwalk Collection/New release/Polka/Designer: Sachi Vixen.

First impressions are everything, isn’t that what your mother told you? “always wear clean underwear darling, you just never know”. Then you go to school and they tell you “first impressions shouldn’t count, its the person inside”. Then you go to work, you are right back to “mom” and first impressions count for everything, as if! Did I got it all wrong, or not. When I first met Sachi Vixen, it was at the NCL,(what, you don’t know the NCL?) and I was like, who is this hilarious, charming and wild chickie? First impression? Fun-n-crazy par-tay girl. Then, one day I walked into Adam and Eve. There was my fun-n-crazy party girl and she was one hundred percent business and good at it, in fact, she was very good at it. There where skins, fabulous clothing, shoes, hair styles and accessories displayed in dizzying profusion. And the shoppers, omgawd, the place was SRO. I wandered from display to display trying on beautiful skins and was soon hopelessly zoned into shop-a-holic induced nirvana. News Flash, Sachi Vixen is a
business woman, designer and marketer par-excellence. Then in a feverish, frantic burst of creativity and a superbly targeted promo campaign, she launched the “Catwalk Collection” at Genesis Drive Boutique, a designer label for Adam and Eve, which would be right at home on Rodeo Drive, think Badgley Mischka, Jimmy Choo, Dolce and Gabbana. I schemed and plotted my way on to the opening event guest list, which was most definitely an SLebrity star studded fashionista, designer and media “A” list event. Sachi was gifting “for retail only” samples of her designs and the promo was a color variation on one of the Catwalk Collection’s fabulous featured retail products, which I shall review here. The design, called “Polka”, is an utterly fabulous and cutieful fun polka dot dress with skirt options in seven vibrant colors, eight if you count the promo. It is sold in singles and a “Brat Pack” that includes all seven groovy, giddy color variations with polka dots splashed over it in wild, effortless abandon and its totally irresistible. The “Polka” is this seasons can not live without, got to have dress. Chic, smart and wildly fun. I will brazenly and shamelessly admit to having three. I love this piece, it is marvelously fresh and flirty. The polka dots are so right for almost any occasion other then formal and with a little creativity could even work for that. Once again my retro streak was piqued, how about a pill box hat, chunky mary janes , tasteful fingerless lace gloves to the wrists a’la Madonna with stockings to match and forties styled hair. I would love to explore that look. As of this writing, Sachi has introduced even more fabulous creations into the Catwalk Collection and I for one hope she never stops. This label is fabulously on time and right on target. Anyone can be fashionably complicated, it takes genius to be simply fun. Thank you Sachi Vixen for the Catwalk Collection and bringing fun into the all to serious and competitive arena of this seasons spring fashion releases.

Product: New release, “Polka”
Review: Helke Duettmann
Designer: Sachi Vixen
Outlet: Genesis Drive Boutique/Adam and Eve.
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Genesis/150/164/43
Price: 300L/1200L Brat Pack. (wonderful buy)
Photos: Helke
Modeled by: Tina1618 Zerbino and Helke

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