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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

MB-Design/ Ladies Lace and Exotica/Designed by: Moanasyrene Boucher.

Good things come in three’s they say and I totally agree. It has been my lucky month. One of the Fabulous “three’s” I found was MB-Designs and designer Moanasyrene Boucher. Of course, for all of us in the northern hemisphere its spring and beautiful new spring collections are blooming up all over the fashion scene in Second Life. Some not so good, some “good” and a few are fabulous. Here we only deal in the “fabulous” as in “Ladies Lace”in soft pale lemon and “Exotica” in sugar candy pink and vanilla from MB-Designs by Moanasyrene Boucher. The obvious thing we first notice with these stunning pieces is the full, frothy, semi transparent sugar candy like layered looking skirt. Then the delightfully lacey bodice catches the eye. The fit and cut are super figure flattering from the form-fitting waist to the soft snug curve of the hips and the way the skirts flounce and swirl around the legs make promises of the beauty so delicately hidden beneath.

Once again, we see a hint of retro here, perhaps it is the layered looking skirt, like there is a full petticoat underneath, the slightly above the knees length or the sculpted lace bodice. The intriguing thing about Ladies Lace and Exotica is the more that is hidden, then in a swish and swirl of skirts, revealed, is irresistibly teasing and tempting at the same time.
This is erotic overload in an innocent, fresh and wholesome way. On second thought, perhaps "Prom Queen” would be a better description. After all, it is prom season darling, take yourself back to graduation night, those feverish kisses and warm touches shared in the back seat in the misty glow of streetlights. The silence of the velvet night and sparkling stars. My prom was like that, or should have been, and so should yours. Ladies Lace and Exotica take me there. Truly a fabulous design from Moanasyrene Boucher at MB-Designs.

The shopping experience at MB Designs is totally enjoyable, product is in semi-circular alcoves around a central rotunda clearly marked and easy to see. There is a marble statue of the “Three Graces” in a fountain in the center of the rotunda. As an in-store promotion, Moana had 5L day and the spring collection went on sale for a few hours. The store was standing room only. If you are a member of Fashion Consolidated, you did not miss it. The notice went right to group chat. Be sure to work the central rotunda either from the left or right to avoid being caught up in visual overload due to the plethora of lace, flouncy, swishy fabrics and textures. Do not forget to check out Moanasyrenes “Love Skins”, (yes, she designs skins to), they are fabulously fresh and clean looking like you just stepped out of a relaxing shower and moisturized, all over. Fabulous design Moana, I cannot wait for your summer collection. Did I mention good things come in threes? That will be our next post darlings. Ciao for now kiss,kiss!

Product: Dresses, New spring collection, Ladies Lace and Exotica.
Review/photos: Helke Duettmann
Designer: Moanasyrene Boucher
Outlet: MB-Designs
Location: Delhi (41, 209, 24)
Price: 399L each. (a good buy)
Modeled by: Christina1618 Zerbino and Helke.

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Christina looks fantastic in that photo.