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Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Interview with Regan Becloud, the Artists Lounge and Café

Regan Becloud is one of the most passionate, fascinating and serious people I have met in Second Life. She is dedicated to the performing arts and almost any creative processes imaginable. This is truly a labor of love for her. The Artists Lounge is a vehicle to fulfill her appreciation of the arts, to share this appreciation and to facilitate inspiring and creative people in Second life. I am totally in awe of her dedication and the cultural awareness she brings to all who encounter her. Listen in to Regan as she discusses the philosophy behind her café, her love of creating and patronage of the performing arts.

Helke: Tell me Regan. What have you been up to, any projects at the moment?
Regan: The biggest project I have had recently was the opening of my cafe, The Artist’s Lounge.
Helke: Fabulous opening. I was there of course.
Regan: We had a full house, the entire eleven hours of the opening event. We had eleven hours of music. Some of the performers here on Saturday were Kelvinblue Oh, Jaggpro McCann, and Vaughan Michalak to name a few. The last artist left the stage at 1:00 AM. There was not a bad performance all night. We certainly plan to bring back the many wonderful artists that performed on Saturday.
Helke: Events planned for the future?
Regan: We are currently working on booking more live bands. I am going to be hosting a writers group, based out of The Artists Lounge on Sundays. I plan on hosting events for artists all over the globe, music of every kind, from every country. I think the writers group will be very interesting.
Helke: Tell me a little about yourself.
Regan: I have been in Second life for a little over a year now, and am having a wonderful expierance. As you know, I own The Artists Lounge, along with Tanglewood City Skymall, and the Castaways Resort. My two partners and I intend to bring wonderful things to Second Life, and to have fun while doing it. I also have a small store on the fifth floor of the Skymall where I display my furniture creations
Helke: What abilities do you bring to this project?
Regan: Creatively speaking, I love to build, on a more personal level, I am a fiercely loyal friend, and I am not afraid to give the unknown a shot.
Helke: Where do you see yourself five months from now?
Regan: I see myself in five months busy running the most amazing cafe in Second Life. I also see myself surrounded by wonderfully creative individuals, fabulous live music, and talented individuals.
Helke: What are some of your short-term goals?
Regan: My immediate goals are to get the cafe off to a wonderful start and to find amazing live acts.
Helke: What are some of your long-term goals?
Regan: Long term, I want this endeavor to be hugely successful. I want to create a haven for all things arts related, music, comedy, writing and exhibits. In addition, I am trying to help the lesser known but hugely talented Japanese creators find a niche in the global Second Life market
Helke: You are passionate about this, what motivates you?
Regan: Creative individuals have always motivated me and I enjoy helping people. I have a deep appreciation for all things artistic. I am most comfortable in the company of interesting, talented individuals. More importantly, I wanted a place where the creative can gather, and express himself or herself, enjoy good music, relax and have fun.
Helke: If you could change something about your second life, what would it be?
Regan: I am very happy with my Second Life. Unlimited Lindens would be good...but that does not really matter to me. There is not much that I would change. I have amazing friends, and amazing ventures. I am very happy.
Helke: What do you think it takes to be successful at this?
Regan: Desire to go for what you want, to put yourself out there, and take a risk, even if it means you may fail.
Helke: How would a former colleague or co-worker describe you?
Regan: A dreamer. I have never been one to want to be behind a desk, if I am helping people, wonderful, if it is something artistic, fantastic, I am happy.
Helke: Do you prefer working with others or by yourself?
Regan: I definitely prefer to work with others. I love to have people around me. I am a very social person.
Helke: Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
Regan: I think it depends on the situation. If it is something I am unsure of, I am happy to leave the leading to someone who is more qualified. If it is something I am sure of, I want to lead. For instance, when we where building the Cafe, I made sure I was the one in charge because this is mine, my concept, my design, my desire.
Helke: What do you see in the stores that you think is really fabulous?
Regan: Everything here is wonderful, we hand select our stores. La Maille is fantastic. Mayuko Nishi is the designer. She has some incredible dresses and jewelry. Shu’s Guitar’s on the second floor are very well done as well as works of art.
Helke: Any particular places in Second Life you like to shop?
Regan: I love Simone’s designs at Style Starts Here. I have a ton of her dresses. Last Call was a favorite of mine I will miss it. Rebel Hope Designs also has some incredible dresses. There are so many wonderful designers here.
Helke: Which magazines do you read?
Regan: I do not have the time to read magazines. I am always running in a million directions. I find I have to start prioritizing things, or nothing at all gets accomplished.
Helke: Tell me some of the challenges you faced when building.
Regan: Bricks were a challenge, the color and texture and it is challenging to plan a large event like the one we had on Saturday.
Helke: Where do you find your inspiration?
Regan: This is what I want to do in real life and it is an incredibly fun thing to be doing in Second Life.
Helke: Any advise for anyone interested in a similar project?
Regan : I would say to anyone interested in trying something similar to this, that they should know what they want it to be, and build from there. To have it envisioned, as a finished project, and to know what kind of audience is targeted. The rest will fall into place. Do not be afraid to give it a go, trying is better then never trying at all.
Helke: On a different note, what was the most interesting comment you have heard regarding this project?
Regan: That someone thought The Artists Lounge would be a seedy bar. I do not even serve alcohol. I guess they think, “Lounge” and think hole in the wall bar. To me, a lounge is a comfortable place to relax.
Helke: Any dream projects you would like to accomplish in Second Life?
Regan: I am doing it already. To make The Artists Lounge successful and well known would be the fulfillment of my dream project. If I can make my cafe be everything I have in my heart and soul, I will be thrilled.
Helke: In closing, what would you like people to know about you?
Regan: That I am a friendly person. If you want to talk, do not hesitate to come right up to me. I adore meeting new people. If you are looking for a place to perform, or to spend time, come and visit, I am here often. I would love to chat or even just say hello.
Helke: This is the end of our formal interview. I want to thank you for taking the time to meet and share with our readers.
Regan: thank you Helke, more importantly, thank you so much for your interest in The Artist’s Lounge. It truly means a lot to me.
Helke: Ciao darling, all success to you and your dream come true.

Interview: The Artists Lounge and Café
With: Regan Becloud
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tanglewood%20City/97/154/303
As told to: Helke Duettmann

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