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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Analog Dog/ The “Helke”/Designed By: Queue Marlowe

Its not every day that I get a hairstyle named after me. In fact, I have never had a hairstyle named after me until two weeks ago. Needless to say, I was humbled and honored that the Contessa of Curls, The Queen Bee herself, Queue Marlowe at Analog Dog, had gone and done just that. We had been chatting idly about hair styling and the “Big SL Hair” that had been all the rage several months ago. I bemoaned my numerous and fruitless attempts, so far, to find the perfect vintage beehive of all my dampish, retro dreams. I was even considering (oh horrors!) Cindy Wilsons version. The discussion invariably turned to shorter cuts and the new updo’s. Queue asked me what I liked in an updo. “Pulled back in a nice tight bun similar to a classical ballerina style.” I said. “Mmm,” said Queue,” kind of like a pony folded and tucked in”. “Yes”. I replied rather absently, deep in reflective Zen like thoughts of the perfect beehive. And thus, darlings, was history made. In precisely four days, the "Helke” was on the shelf simply exuding sophistication, elegance and glamour. In all modesty, and I blush to say so, much like its namesake.Queue had sent me samples in dark and blonde. I feverishly put "brown sugar" on. I will not go into sordid detail about the elicit warm tingling shivers of delight that coursed through my moist body. Or the waves of liquid pleasure that surged rhythmically through my diamond hard little soul in addition to the breathless, panting finale I experienced when I had adjusted the piece to a final and perfect fit. I immediately returned to Analog Dog and elbowed my way into the crowd of admiring and worshipful fans surrounding Queue Marlowe as she floated above them, serenely suspended in a sphere of water. The Queen of flexies had done it again, another immortal hairstyle, the “Helke”, by Queue Marlowe, owner and designer at Analog Dog.

The shopping experience at Analog Dog never fails to surprise me. The store seemingly floats on the surface of the ocean .You walk on water here. The walls are tall fronds of seaweed on which the vendor boards are positioned. Usually, you will find Queue (she’s a mermaid) floating placidly in a sphere of water above the heads of her admiring fans near the main entry. Hair styles are easy to identify and the guys have their cuts off to your left. Flexi, non-flexi and sale items are plainly marked and easy to find. It is possible to walk out of here looking absolutely fabulous in Analog Dog hair designed by Queue Marlowe for a bargain price if you are a careful shopper. If you have not been to Analog Dog, its time you went, if not for the fabulous hair, at least for the experience. If you have, then check out the new releases that are hitting the shelf almost weekly. See you at Analog Dog darling… oh, and don’t forget. Stay fabulous and don’t eat… Ciao!

Review: Helke Duettmann
Designer: Queue Marlowe
Product: Hair, the “Helke”
Outlet: Analog Dog
Priced: 350L
SLUR: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Triggerfish/17/29/21LM:
Fotos by: Helke
Model: Helke

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