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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
Venus Petrov

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lisa’s Thing’s/Designer: Lisaper Petrov/ Panty Hose.

I found “Lisa’s Things” through Fashion Consolidated, the only group you will ever need to keep you up to speed with all things fashionable and the only things worth knowing about in Second Life. Bless your diamond hard self-absorbed materialistic fashionista heart, if you do not belong darling, join, or dwell in the outer darkness with the unfashionable forever.
So, let us talk about important things like panty hose. How many pair do you have darling? What?... None you say! But you have tons of thigh highs and stay ups? And you want that slinky, sleek-n-chic, polished and finished look?
You need help darling and guess what, I am here for you. Thanks to Lisa and her top selling line of new panty hose at “Lisa’s Things” you have a selection of singles in five colors, a fat pack with all colors, seamed or no seam, in net or sheer with or without the panty in. Yes, that is the whole secret. It is the underwear layer. You can actually wear these under your skirt. These are fabulous. I love the sheer. They add that final polish to your carefully crafted,styled look. Remember, the guys are zooming you upskirt when you stand and when you sit. Leave something to the imagination and make them sweat. Lisa Petrov has done us all a favor and added mystery (sorry guys) plus a sleek-n-chic look with the latest addition to her extraordinary collection of fine clothing with pantyhose in five fabulous colors, seamed or no seam, in net or sheer with or without the panty in. I love them and you will to. I promise. Another truly remarkable release from “Lisa’s Things” available at both stores as of now.

The shopping experience at “Lisa’s Things” is shopper friendly. Lisa is there almost all the time and loves to chat and help in any way she can. She is the epitome of good taste and style. The new spring dresses are upstairs and I am totally enamored with her makeup table set. It has a hair brushing animation, cute little make up containers and all sorts of girly girl essentials. It will add a perfect touch to your boudoir. Don’t miss the freebie table, there is a beautiful sweater in one of the boxes. My guilty pleasure? I love rideing the escalator.
Review: Helke Duettmann
Product: Hosiery, Pantyhose
Designer: Lisaper Petrov
Outlet: Lisa’s Things
SLUR: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Luxe%20Island/173/196/30
Price: 90L each,fat pack available.( very reasonable buy)
Photo’s: Helke Duettmann
Model: Helke Duettmann

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