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Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

SF Design/Swaffette Firefly/Petite Coquine/Mar. 1 ‘08

Hello Darlings, so good to be back with you! I am very pleased to present a fabulous offering from SF design called PETITE COQUINE. One of the exciting things about this creation is that it is a Second Life version of a Real Life product. Yes Darlings, you can purchase this product in RL. It comes in two eye candy colors, each sold separately. They are satiny pink and lavender. Bra cups are in two styles, semi sheer and opaque. Both sheer and opaque are sold together in the same pack. The fit is marvelous, and the charming little tutu style skirt in stiff lace is adorable in sinfully wicked sheer black lace. The cups are full coverage and quite well rounded, sure to produce that lovely firm hemispherical look we all desire. Sheer stockings with the same gorgeous lace pattern at the tops and garters in exquisitely fetchinging lovely black lace, are included. The colors and textures are to die for; so delightfully lacy, satiny and glossy. Our model could not wait to try it on and when she did, she was ecstatic.
She kept saying over and over, as she was prancing around the studio, “Omg, omg, this would be perfect for Bob Guccione and Penthouse! That being said, style your hair as full and luxuriant as you can, drop a Sinatra CD of the Columbia years into your player, mix up a dry martini, slip into a pair of classic evening heels in black patent or gloss pink and you are on your way to becoming the sexy, desirable and irresistible centerfold material that dreams are made of. You are the star darling that you were meant to be in Petite Coquine another enchanting creation from SF Designs and Swaffette Firefly.

SF Design has several main stores and is a heavy hitter in Second Life retail and wholesale. The store I visited was well stocked and up to date with quality product.
The shopping experience is straight forward and to the point. No confusion here. Read the signs and follow the arrows. Everything is where it is supposed to be and easy to find.
It is a user-friendly shopping environment with maximum use of available space. Stairs are spaced along one wall for easy access to top floor. Product is divided into two main categories, women’s and men’s, with the appropriate sub categories. I highly recommend the men’s section to my guy friends. They will find a surfeit of quality products in a “lets get ‘er done” shopping environment.

Reviewed by Helke Duettmann, Helke’s Reviews and Interviews.
Product: lingerie/ Petite Coquine in satin pink and lavender.
Designed by: SF Design
SLUR: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lotus/212/239/142
Price: 200L (very reasonable)
Modeled by: Erika

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