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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sexy in Pink/Sweetheart red and pink babydoll with matching bra and panties./Designed by Kirsten Corleone.

I am in total awe of Kirsten Corleone. She is one of the most prolific designers in second life. She has done up to sixty releases in one month of quality apparel. In addition to being wickedly delightful, she knows her fashion and the industry inside out. She started as a model and has become one of the most fast forward dynamic designers in Second Life. I personally own several of her creations and I wear them. Kirsten does it all, formals, cocktail dress’s, casual and lingerie. She is a one-woman designing dynamo. When she puts on an event for new releases, she is all over the shop floor meeting and greeting. Passing out compliments and pointing out product to customers. Hers is a hands on in the trenches style and it has paid off. Her fans are loyal repeat customers.
I happened on Kirsten when she was working on some lingerie sets so my timing was perfect. Knowing Kirsten as I do, I knew dramatics would get me nowhere so I politely requested a sample to review.
“Of course Helke Dear.” She said, “Just keep reminding me, mmm?” Well, she shouldn’t have said that. I harassed and harried the poor chickie for two weeks. I got my sample, not just one but two and they was called, aptly enough ,“Sweetheart Red” and “Sweetheart Pink”. Gorgeously textured and colored, the two outfits came with a corresponding babydoll each. The panties and bra where saturated in deep layers of beautiful black lace. You know what I mean, the heavy substantial kind with weight and a bit of stiffness to it, the EXPENSIVE kind. The panty is a true string bikini and I will warn you, oh so naughty. I’m positive our model “blushed”. The “string” part of the bikini is exactly that, a barely there, wispy bit of connectivity between the fabulous and delicately textured front and back panels. The bra is the same deep-layered lace over glossy supporting fabric, in this case, either hot pink or bright red. The back bra band is night sky black and “stretchy” to enhance the molded silhouette appearance of the cups.
The spaghetti style bra straps are elegantly erotic and forever. I simply adore the babydoll. It is tantalizingly sheer and edged with the same luscious, satiny color of the bra and panty panels, falling charmingly from under the cups in a keyhole pattern exposing the midriff and the belly button to just slightly below the hips and the lower back from the bra band. Have “back” darling? The sweetheart ensemble will showcase it.
If your going to turn up the boudoir temperature darling, start a heat wave with Kirsten Corleone’s Sweetheart ensemble in either vivid red or scorching pink and watch the sparks fly!

The shopping experience at Sexy in Pink is legendary for the ever-changing inventory and the genuine one of a kind boutique environment. Heres Kirstens secret, she produces far more then she can show so she rotates product through the store. This gives a fresh look every time I visit, which is often and the front entryway display puts her very newest creations right up front. This allows her to stock her shelves as if she where a much larger store. Dedication and hard work from Kirsten equals a fresh and exciting look for her customers. Fabulous Darling, keep it up!

Review: Helke Duettmann
Product: Lingerie, Sweetheart Red and Pink
Designed by: Kirsten Corleone
Outlet: Sexy in Pink
Where: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Athlone/41/245/78
Price: 150L (Very good buy)
Photography: Helke Duettmann
Model: Leah McCollough

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