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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Style Starts Here/Designer: Simone Stern/Embroidered Lace Brocade Corset Set in Pink and Red

I admit it. I do love a bargain and better then a “bargain”, I adore a “quality” bargain. Now that I have stated the obvious, fashionable design, quality product, and reasonable pricing are the rule rather then the exception at “Style Starts Here”. Simone Stern, designer and owner has recently moved to a huge new mega store. Now, I had never met Simone. I had heard of her, the dragon lady of design, and I WAS intimidated. This called for a background check so I did a search. Even her profile sounded tough. I thought, “How am I ever going to get a sample to review from this “tuff gurl”? Did I ever read her wrong. We talked and talked off and on for three days. I was captivated. Simone was smart, insightful, witty and interesting. Moreover, the bull s*** is off the table and you know exactly where you stand in five minutes. Simone dumped tons of her beautiful creations on me. In addition, I bought two more. I worked through the samples she gave me. Each one more fabulous then the other. Then I had to decide. What would it be? The luscious lacy babydoll? The sweet demur and oh so innocent camisole and panties? The daringly erotic, made for the stage, burlesque inspired ensemble? I would need a feathered headdress and boas for that. Hmm, decisions, decisions. After immense personal angst and incessant soul searching, I settled on the Embroidered Lace Brocade Corset Set in Pink and Red, each sold separately. The rich vibrancy of the texture and color was symphonic. Themed in delicious rose red in one example and anything but virginal pink in the other, this was getting down to the main attraction, fast. The rich brocade and embroidered corset is detailed in depth. The embroidery is heavy and lustrous lending a 3D quality to the piece. The fascinating sheer inserts and panels add a lightness and ethereal quality to the panties and corset itself and bonus, you get a beautiful set of deco beads to go with each color choice. Think pre-fema New Orleans, circa 1920 and hot humid semi tropical nights. The lush decadence of the “3rd”coast and then you have it. The Embroidered Lace Brocade Corset Set is all about fantasy and inspired design. What can I say; Simone Stern has done it again. Fashion, affordability and quality all in one fabulous package.

The shopping experience at Style Starts Here is straight forward. On landing, you will find a large floor plan of the megaplex near by and neatly sectioned off into departments. Just read the titles and click. It is that simple. You will be at your desired destination in less then a second. Product is easy to find. The floor space is open and unobstructed.
All the product vendors are on the walls and NOT stacked 100m above the floor ad infinitum or fading into the murk of Second Life. This store truly is a pleasure to shop. Clientele is steady through the day with out being claustrophobic or elbow-to-elbow. Style Starts Here is one of my favorite destinations in second life and will soon be one of yours.

Review: Helke Duettmann
Designer: Simone Stern
Product: Lingerie, Embroidered Lace Brocade Corset Set
Outlet: Style Starts Here (SSH)
SLUR: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Style%20Starts%20Here/118/130/29
Priced: n/a
Photo’s Helke Duettmann
Model Misty Skjellerup

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