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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Interview:Leah McCullough, HRI March Model of the Month

Leah was selected as the original model of the month for a magazine that I wrote for when I transitioned to this fashion blog. She is a hard working and fun loving Latina girl and easy to work with in the studio. We had a great time. So join me now as I chat with Leah about a little bit of everything.

Helke: I am thrilled to have the honor of meeting you today. Welcome to Helke’s Reviews and Interviews at http://helkeduettmann.blogspot.com
Leah: Thank for this opportunity.
Helke: Tell me about some of your projects.
Leah: I am extremely interested in fashion and apart from modeling I am a designer... So with one of my best friends we are about to open a store... We are excited about it! I think it would be a great addition to the SL fashion world

Helke: Tell me about yourself.
Leah: I have been in SL since November, and since the very first day, I fell in love with the SL fashion world.... Clothes, hair, shoes. There are a lot of awesome designers out there. Sometimes I wish I could buy the whole store!
Helke: Where do you see yourself 6 months from now in second life?
Leah: One of my goals is to become a professional model. In addition, of course, having a solid business with Naive, our clothes brand.
Helke : What are some of your long-term goals? Leah: Continue learning and growing as a designer and as a model... and to become part of the great brands out there...and of course, enjoying SL and meeting great people like yourself!
Helke: Thank you. Moreover, may I add, you are looking very lovely today.
Leah: Thank you.
Helke: What motivates you?
Leah: I think that, when you finish a project, and you do a great job, there is that feeling of completion that really makes you continue creating and showing the world, what you can do... I love fashion, and being a living part of it. I can't believe how many great friends I've made!
Helke: What would you change,if you could?

Leah: It would be to have more money to buy more great clothes and shoes and hair... isn't that what all girls want?
Helke: I am almost sure of it. Any significant "other” in your life at present?
Leah : Not in SL *giggles*
Helke: For such a pretty girl, there must be someone?
Leah : You are so sweet... but really, there is no one.
Helke: What do you think it takes to be a successful model in SL?
Leah: Well, first hard work... you need to be outstanding in what you do and have a real passion for your business. Second, I think that a bit of luck always helps!
Helke: How would a former colleague or co-worker describe you?
Leah McCullough: I think they would say I am a hard working person, honest and responsible and friendly.
Helke: Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?

Leah: I think that it depends on the situation. Sometimes you need to be a leader... and sometimes a follower... However, if I had to choose, I prefer to be a leader. I like to organize, bring ideas, motivate people, etc.
Helke: What do you see in the stores here in SL that you find fabulous?
Leah: I think SL allows you to be whatever you want... wear what you feel like wearing, without the RL restrictions... and I see that in the stores... Designers are free to leave their imagination to fly and create the most amazing things you can imagine.
Helke: Which magazines do you read?
Leah: Actually I love reading blogs more that anything, and that's where I spend most of my time only when I can't be in-world.... but a SL magazine that I love is Style... I really like the articles and the quality of the magazine.
Helke: What do you read in RL? Leah McCullough: I am a Cosmo girl. In my country, we get the Latin American version of it. Every time I go to the States, I try to buy a few and bring them home.
Helke: Have you ever worked with a designer here in SL?
Leah: No not yet, that is one of the things on my "to do" list.
Helke: If you had a choice of all designers in Second Life, who would you prefer to work with?
Leah: I would like to work with Armidi. I love their style, fabulous!
Helke: Are there any special projects you would like to work on in design?
Leah: I would like to try designing skins... but to do it well... it takes a lot of experience and knowledge... so maybe in the future that would be a part of our store.
Helke: What are you wearing now?
Leah: Both the shirt and the jeans are from Armidi. And the heels are from Maitreya.
Helke: Your eyes are beautiful.

Leah: Oh! I love them too! They are from Nevermore Studios... They have the most amazing eyes collection!
Helke: Of all the creative activities available in Second Life, what attracted you to modeling and designing?
Leah: I love fashion... and in RL I'm a web designer, so it really was an easy choice... what better than to combine two things that I love. And to able to also be the model of great clothes... It is just a perfect combination!
Helke: Can you tell me some of the challenges you faced here? What was your noob experience like?
Leah: I remember that first that... I did not know what I was supposed to do... I changed my avatar.. So that it looked, quite good... and I wanted to go out and explore and I did not know how to do that. So that great mentor girl help me out and I finally could start exploring.. I was so happy! I filled my inventory with freebie items and found a quiet place and start trying them all on! It was a blast!
Helke: That does sound fun.
Leah: It was.... I learned what NOT to wear.
Helke: What music do you listen to?
Leah: Mostly pop/rock music... but my fav singer is Christina Aguilera... She has such an amazing voice..
Helke: Currently, what is the fashion style you like the most?
Leah: I like clothes that are glamorous but at the same time confortable.... but always looking good. I usually wear a pair of jeans and a top... boots or heels... something like that.
Helke: Any comments regarding the fashion industry in SL?

Leah: Just three words... I love it!
Helke: In closing, what would you like the SL world to know about you?
Leah: I would like them to know that I am a nice girl. That I would love to be part of the fashion world and I am really working hard to do that. They will probably hear about me soon!
Helke: It has really has been so wonderful to meet you Leah. You are sweet as well as lovely. I want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me and share.
Leah McCullough: It was my pleasure Helke. Thank you for this great opportunity. It was awesome!

Interview by: Helke Duettmann
Model of the Month: Leah McCullough
For: Helke’s Reviews and Interviews

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