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Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Boutique Lovely/Blue Mist Review

I found “Boutique Lovely” very easily in the new “all” search. I had chatted briefly earlier with Lydia Sands the owner and designer . The buzz on the street was that she had one floor of her shop dedicated to lingerie and of course I was thrilled to the depths of my diamond hard little fashionista heart at the thought of a whole floor of lingerie to look over. After a short breathless conversation she TP’d me. I arrived on an attractive stone walkway with little flowers on the boarders of the building, trees and a spacious lawn. The walk way ended at the foot of some beautiful circular steps. From the top of the steps I could see a marvelous pink marble staircase in the middle of the main floor. The first floor wall displayed beautiful tops, dresses, skirts, Jeans, gowns and some very cute hand bags. It was the second floor I wanted to see and at the foot of the stairway was a sign plainly marked “Lingerie”. Up the stairs I went. The second floor walls were covered in luscious lingerie, baby dolls, teddies, bras, panties with or without garters and stockings. I saw two vendors with “new” on them. My heart ran wild, a new release! I was in luck. About that time Lydia Sands TP’d in. After some small talk and discussing her work she recommended a new release to me called “Blue Mist”. I agreed. It was divine. Lydia informed me that originally it was going to be called “Neptune’s Mist” because of the beautiful deep sea blue color and waves of tasteful lace. The panties had a beautiful classic cut to them.

The rear panty panel was classically perfect with just enough left to the imagination and the three quarter cup bra immediately put me in the mind of some of Victoria’s Secret better products. Allso there is a wonderful little shear flutter attached to the hem of the bra band and the panties come with an adorable little shear skirt base of three different lengths and a beautiful pair of thigh high stockings. All in all an exquisite offering reasonably priced from “Lovely Boutique” and designed by Lydia Sands.

Reviewed By; Helke Duettmann
Lingerie: “Blue Mist”
Where: Boutique Lovely, Swinside (151, 198, 25)
Price: 270L

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