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Helke's Model of the Month is...

Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Editorial By: Helke Duettmann

Hi there! Let me introduce myself. My name is Helke Duettmann at http://helkeduettmann.blogspot.com/. First let me thank Armin Wiefel at Drawmachine, BabyDoll LaFontaine at BabyDolls, Lydia Sands at Boutique Lovely and Paul Lapointe at Lapointe Designs for the reviews and Interviews. Our wonderful advertisers and sponsors are Sioxie Legend at New Wave Apparel, Swaffette Firefly at SF Design and Camilla Yosuke at Insolence. A great big thank you to our models, Winter Ventura and Veronica Quackenbush the “Killer Vee’s” Great work, those late night photo shoots where hell. Thank you Chels Blanco you will be missed. A special hug-n-kiss to Ludwig Prinz at Prinz PhotoStudio. You are the best Darling. My goal is to bring you hot, hip and exciting photos, interviews and reviews of the products, stores and the designers of Second Life fashion. We will review products and interview designers who’s creation piques our interest, such as a beautiful skin, Lingerie, dazzling footwear, enchanting eyes, a to die for outfit, luscious hair or a marvelous pair of jeans. So I invite you to embark with me as we go in search of the most lovely, daring and exciting fashion in Second Life. Further more I invite you to send your comments and questions or share a fabulous find of your own. Send it with a few photos and a brief description to me at http://helkeduettmann.blogspot.com/ or helkeduettmann@yahoo.com. I wish you all a very happy and successful New Year.

Ciao Darlings!

Helke Duettmann

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