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Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Insolence review: The Leslie Ensemble

”Insolence,” it has a soft sibilant sound followed by a yielding rounding of the lips, the tongue curves to the roof of the mouth as if to savor something sweet and tart. The word brings me to a place of flaunty hips, naughty glances, stolen moments, lowered soft lashes and bee stung lips, of soft breathy sighs in the humid velvet night, the gentle rise and fall of the bosom. The faint sound of rustling silk and satin, the crisp touch of cotton, the warm intoxicating scent of perfume and desire, of seduction , urgent and so welcomed.
Camilla Yosuke, the designer at Insolence, and her assistant Danielle Astonia, deliver all that and more with the latest release from Insolence, “the Leslie ensemble”, lush gorgeous textures, delicate trim, subtle lace in all the colors of romance. The “Leslie ensemble” is about understated stylishness, classic beauty and design in lingerie. It is timeless, deathless and forever.
The classically narrow bra straps on the demi-bra are a delight. The back band is semi- sheer black verging on almost mocha. The bra cups have a charming, slightly rounded cut to the top. They are trimmed out in captivating black lace with a demure little black bow between them. There is a fetchingly sweet narrow ribbon of black lace sewn diagonally across the cup that directs the eye to the cleft between the breasts. (I added my “enhancer” and got fabulously bountiful cleavage!) The panty is a classic high cut bikini with a semi full back panel that is semi-sheer mocha black that also matches the back bra band. The front panty panel, like the bra cups, is trimmed out in the same captivating black lace. This time, notice that the narrow ribbon of lace, which we previously saw sewn diagonally across the bra cups, is now sewn directly down through the middle of the front panty panel strategically directing the eye and gently dividing the nether region. This is very sexy indeed and oh so naughty! The basic fabric chosen for the front bra and panty panels is a delicately repeated multi-petal tiny floral pattern. Interestingly, this appears to be ever so slightly luminous. The Leslie ensemble is offered in several lovely color themes as well. All of them as delicate as they are lush Slate Blue, Insolence Gold, Sea Green, Insolence Gray, Lavender and Misty Rose. Each color theme includes a pair of dreamy mocha black thigh high stocking. Lace and trim at the tops is repeated here the same way it appears on the bra and panty, delicate, fetchingly sweet, demur and captivating. A truly beautiful creation from Camilla Yosuke at Insolence.

The Insolence shopping experience is second to none. Ambiance is “understated elegance”. The spacious floor plan leads you to and through the products, without inhibiting or trapping you in a maze of vendors or have you bouncing off walls and half empty shelving. Apparel is on the first floor. Skins and related accessories are on the second floor. Lighting is soft and indirect. Interior wall coverings are comforting, calming, marbled gray and white tones, as are the displays. There are shades of beige interspaced with brushed aluminum and glass. Architecture is neo-classical with Spanish arches and Italian style columns prevailing. The floors are white oak, buffed out to a soft reflective glow. Greenery is interspaced through out. The main staircase is centrally located and effortless to ascend and descend. Vendor art is minimalist, easily distinguished as to product and are placed at a reasonable distance from the floor, or as demos on easy to access shelving, not stacked one on the other to the ceiling ad infinitum. The shopping sound track is pleasingly soft jazzy dance. In a sentence,” Insolence,” is second to none and taken all together, a pleasurable, reflective, zen like shopping experience.

Review: Helke Duettmann
Product: lingerie, The Leslie Ensemble
Price: 200L (very reasonable)
Where: Insolence at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venom/140/196/28
Photography: Helke Duettmann
Modeled By: Trinidad Anatine

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