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Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

BabyDoll LaFontaine Interview/Sexy Nurse and Geisha

BabyDoll LaFontaine: Hi Helke! Nice to meet you!
Helke:Hi Babydoll! The pleasure is all mine!
So tell me a little about yourself and your products.
BabyDoll LaFontaine: I'm planning on releasing new, higher quality lingerie soon
My focus in the past was the release of affordable lingerie in many colors.
Helke: I saw the the racks of panties. One of the bigger collections I have ever seen!
BabyDoll LaFontaine: There are not just panties in those racks also stockings, pasties
and other little bits that didn’t fit anywhere else, but yes I've made a lot of panties.
Helke: Tell me a little about your early life in SL you obviously had a plan.
BabyDoll LaFontaine: BabyDoll's started off as a little dream. I was making men’s clothing with another account and felt like I was losing touch with my feminine side.
So I went from one end to the next. The school girl was my first outfit. along with the lace basic lingerie set, in 10 colors. To my great surprise, the school girl did really well
and she's still one of my best sellers!
Helke: I’m not surprised…It’s fabulous and I see you have sets now, stockings, corsets, bras and panties. At a glance I saw a huge potential for mix and match.
BabyDoll LaFontaine: Yes, I try to make sure that I have something for everyone.
Sets of the same fabric can all be used together to mix and match and make your own sets.
Helke: Did I mention that you look absolutely stunning darling?
BabyDoll LaFontaine: Thanks! I made this top this morning. I'm not sure if I'll sell my casual clothes though.
Helke: At present, what are your newest releases?
BabyDoll LaFontaine: I had many new releases in October, I made 31 costumes preparing for Halloween and stocking up for the year. All my costumes come with matching lingerie.
Helke: Describe them please.
BabyDoll LaFontaine: Some of the best sellers were sexy angel, sexy red riding hood flight attendants, soda pop girls and wonderland costume.
Helke:Your collection is extensive. The panties fascinated me. So many to choose from! What are some projects for the future?
BabyDoll LaFontaine: I really want to release new lingerie. Higher quality lingerie in fewer colors. I'm going to be releasing a couple new costumes of course, like a Mrs. Clause and naughty elves. I also want to rebuild the store and make everything easier to find.
Helke: How long have you been designing?
BabyDoll LaFontaine: I've been designing here in Second Life a little over a year maybe 15 months now. Before Second Life, I hung out in another virtual world called “There”. That’s where I made my first designs. I had some friends leave “There” for SL. They were telling me how much easier it was to sell things here. So, I gave it a try and was very happy with the results.
Helke: I see the results and I simply adore your product!
BabyDoll LaFontaine: I started off opening up locations in malls until I could buy my first land. There was a startup cost of under $50 USD to pay for mall locations, a place for me to work, and upload fees.
Helke: You are ready to expand again?
BabyDoll LaFontaine: I'm going to be rebuilding my store to reflect my new vision, higher quality, haute couture, I want to put more time into my work. Releases won't be as frequent but you should see a big difference.
Helke: What can we expect in the future as far as design and texture?
BabyDoll LaFontaine: I want to pay much more attention to detailing, the creases, buttons, seams and details of the fabric. I want them to be absolutely perfect.
Helke: Who or what inspired you?
BabyDoll LaFontaine: My boyfriend, he has inspired a lot of my work. His feedback is very important to me.
Helke: Behind every successful woman is a good man?
BabyDoll LaFontaine: (smiles). You mentioned the panties
Helke: That’s what got my attention as soon as I entered the store, they are fabulous.
BabyDoll LaFontaine: The reason I made so many is that I saw a lot of panty events. Now people have lots to pick from of good quality! What you wear or don’t wear, underneath your clothes makes a big difference in how you feel about yourself.
Helke: (smiles) Thank your for your time BabyDoll. Your work is fabulous and we'll see more of each other I’m sure.
BabyDoll LaFontaine: I'm looking forward to it. Have a wonderful day!
Helke:Thank you for the product samples.
Helke: Ciao Darling!

Lingerie: “Sexy Nurse” 400L includes top & skirt.
“Sexy Geisha” 400L includes top & skirt Where: BabyDoll's Store, BabyDoll (101, 145, 23)
Interview By: Helke Duettmann Models: Ventura Ventura and Veronica Quackenbush

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