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Friday, February 15, 2008

The “Alix” Review/ Milady's Fancy/Designed By: Rachel Darling

Did you ever see something you just HAD to have. Something that you knew you JUST couldn’t live any longer without? Something or someone that you would be willing to crawl a mile on your hands and knees through broken glass for; just to have the pleasure of standing in their shadow? I met that certain something on a Fashion Consolidated note card.
My heart did triple back flips. My breath came in jerks and spurts. I felt my blood throbbing through my body. I was faint, I trembled. I was in love for the very first time, like a virgin. (Forgive me Madonna Louise Ciccone I couldn’t resist that line.) The object of my affection was a delectable concoction of sequins and lace called “Alix”, designed by Rachel Darling and for sale at Milady’s Fancy in eight fabulous colors, purple. green, teal, blue, hot pink, gold, red and black . Smitten and witless as I had become, I somehow was able to make contact with Rachel who seemed a bit perplexed and amused at my incoherent babbling and confession of undying love and devotion. Eventually my lucidity returned and I was able to make myself understood. I calmly and seriously declared my eternal and everlasting love for her newest creation “Alix”. I humbly asked for a sample and a chance to review it. Rachel was sympathetic and understanding, even supportive! She comp’d me the complete pack. I was overwhelmed.
Words failed me darlings. I cannot begin to tell you of the ecstasy that washed over me in warm surging waves like a rhythmic tsunami. After I had recovered Rachel and I chattered and giggled like school girls. She had been in the middle of a build and needed the break and I wanted to talk about her designs. She was happy to oblige me. She even gave me a sneak preview of her upcoming release and swore me to secrecy.
All good things must come to and end and Rachel had to return to her build and I to my quest across the width and breadth of the Grid in search of fabulous designs and designers like Rachel Darling at Miladys Fancy and her newest creation “Alix”. This one is a hit Rachel!

(And furthermore!)
Later that evening I talked with my good friend Zada Zenokva of “Shapes by Zada” and “Eyefidelity” ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Triangulum/25/22/27) who makes the most remarkably realistic shapes and eyes in Second Life. (Thank you, thank you Zada! I love my eyes!) Zada said. “Let’s have some fun with “Alix”,… get risky… walk on the wildside!”. She suggested pairing it with some stockings by Armin Weifel at DrawMachine called “Eveningstar nylons, laced red.” and some ankle boots from Armidi. The look most definably had possibilities. Being a poor and struggling writer, I could only afford one or the other, so I went with the stockings and paired it with some classic heels in black by Funk Schnook at Fnky-n-Cake and some twinkle particles from DrawMachines star spangled bikini…… Hmm, the jury is still out. Tell me what you think, Hot or not?

Article by: Helke Duettmann
Product: Cocktail Dress: “Alix” created by Rachel Darling.
Where: MI’Ladys Fancy: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sardar%20Fair/232/128/22
Price: 550L ea. (shoes sold separately)

Matching Shoes: Zhao Shoes: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Agard/238/35/25
Price: 300L

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Music Hyun said...

hi helke, thank you for this article, i need to go run and have it!!!!!! best of luck with your blog, it´s nicely written! check my pictures out on http://www.myspace.com/music_hyun and http://www.flickr.com/photos/music-hyun/ if you were registered on either of them. see you in world second life and keep on shopping ;)) hugs, music hyun