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Helke's Model of the Month is...
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

DE Designs review/Doc Eldritch "DE’votion"

By: Helke Duettmann

We have all been to DE Design. Every one of us has seen the huge inventory. The awe inspiring staircase that seems to go on forever. The beautiful stone faced flooring with Celtic crosses.. The high cathedral like ceilings. Walls that seem to fade into the distant horizon. Gothic elegance with cyber fantasy mixed in. That is DoC Eldritch’s trade mark style. There is a feeling of permanence, stability and timelessness. DoC Eldritch, the owner, has been here in second life forever. In that time, he has developed a firm understanding of his products and his customers. That understanding is nowhere more evident then in the newest lingerie release by DE design called “DE'votion”. A beautifully inspired babydoll featuring high cut panties and matching thigh high stockings .There is a Babydoll, and Babydoll flex top on undie and shirt layers, as well as the panties on undie and pants layers. The look is “burnt” through velvet and semi-sheer fabric and lace. DoC has managed to give the piece a beautiful 3D effect that can only be described as “realistic”. The fabric seems to “lay”on top of the skin. The flexi top sways and flutters with every move. DE’votion comes in classic black, with rose red colored insets on the bra cups and panty panel. There is also DE’votion “dream red” as well as sumptuous “dream purple”.
The shopping experience is unique to DE Design. DoC does everything on a grand, magnificent scale. Product is everywhere and DE gives you lots of room to shop. No narrow isles or empty shelves here, everything is fully stocked. The vendor art is outstanding. Be prepared to do a lot of moving around, there is a lot to see and don’t miss “DE’votion” on your next trip to DE Design. Your significant other will thank you for it, better yet; get them to buy it for you!

Reviewed by: Helke Duettmann
Product: Lingerie: DE’votion by DoC Eldritch
Where: DE Designs at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/DE%20Designs/48/87/39
Price: 275L (reasonable buy)
Available: SLX & DE Designs
Photography: Helke Duettmann
Modeled By: Veronica Quackenbush

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