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Thursday, February 14, 2008

PAUL LAPOINTE Interview and Review/Black Rose and the Bast Line of lingerie

Q: What inspired you to create the "Bast Desire Line" of lingerie?

I want to make women in Second Life feel elegant and sexy. I had become bored with the standard corset-and-panty lingerie sets. They have their place, and I still provide some, but I wanted to offer more. It’s important for me to innovate, to push myself. I like to provide something that is sexy, playful, sinfully wicked, and at the same time elegant and classy. It feels good to offer mix-and-match pieces of lingerie that allow women to create their own elegant, sensual look.

Q: What do you enjoy most about this line?

The customer response was wonderful. Women love the set because of the lines, the flow of the chemise, the cut of the corset, the finishing details. Men love giving it as a gift, knowing it’s beautiful, sexy, and exciting. It’s all about the power of romance. To bring even a little romance to a couple is the best reward I can think of.

Q: How is it unique compared to others?

People have been drawn to the movement of the fabric. Sensuality is just that: appealing to the senses. This set has rich color, striking detail, and soft, flowing fabric, creating the illusion that all your senses are involved.

Interview By: Chels Blanco

Reviewed By: Chels Blanco
Rewrite By: Veronica Quackenbush
Submitted By: Helke Duettmann
Photography: Helke Duettmann

There are many designers in the highly competitive, exciting world of fashion, but few have the ability to create products that capture one's attention at once. We at SEXI Magazine track down such diamonds in the rough through customer referrals or through diligent detective work in-world or on SLExchange--sometimes even by accident. By this last method--if you can call it that--we discovered Lapointe Design, owned and operated by Paul Lapointe.

Paul does far more than lingerie, but lingerie is our thing at SEXI, so Paul's stunning line of lingerie is what caught our eye immediately. Lapointe Design lingerie is intricately detailed, with the kind of subtle, feminine texturing that would make anyone's head turn.

Lapointe Design's lingerie sports some of the loveliest lace we've seen. Paul prides himself on the lace detail, hand-tooling it flower by flower and fitting it to the body, instead of “just dropping a lace pattern in" as many designers do.

Paul enjoys walking the line between making pieces as sexy as possible and still remaining elegant. For embellishments, he likes to use ruffles as well as feathers, because "they make women feel feminine and sexy." We agree!

Drenched in hand drawn and layered lace, Lapointe Design lingerie has several ready to wear options all in one set and can be worn in different ways, even combined with pants or skirts to wear out for fun in public--as well as for the fun his full lingerie sets no doubt encourage in private. These are “must have” items for any collection and yet again another remarkable offering from designer Paul Lapointe at Lapointe Designs.

Product: Lingerie: Black Rose
Where: Lapointe Designs Evocative (106,131, 26)
Price: n/a
Reviewed By: Chels Blanco Rewrite By: Veronica Quackenbush Submitted By: Helke Duettmann
Photography: Helke Duettmann

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